Going Ape (Aped Crusaders)

Primates - In Production

Going Ape (Aped Crusaders) – in Post Production

We follow four dysfunctional primates as they try to live through the perils of the harsh South African Jungle. Going Ape (Aped Crusaders) is an animated series featuring four vulgar primates, Kip-, Bob, Vinny and Bi-Curious George.  The show is set in the heart of the South African jungle where things occur out of the ordinary.  Be a part of their lives as they open up in ways no other animal has in an animated way.

New Project – Character Sketches

Here’s a sneak peak of some character sketches for a new upcoming project.

Zombies Ate My Prom Date (ZAMPD)

Zombies Ate My Prom Date

The most important night of every senior’s life is cut abruptly at the hands of a high-radiated satellite that unexpectedly crash the party and turns everyone to flesh-eating zombies. It’s up to the popular chick, Cassia; the Drama-Queen, Donna; the Jock, Brett; the weirdo, Ernie; and the geeks, Brewster, Herman and Chubsy to put their social differences aside and join forces to survive their Prom night from the entire senior class of zombies. It’s kill or be killed. Will they survive the night…or will they be the main course. This prom night, a pimple is the least of their worries.